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Piggy Bank Pinko Piggy Bank Pinko

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

First movie I've logged in to vote on in months!!

Kick arse funny. Great to see some intelligent politics on here. Neocon bastards complain newgrounds is too left wing? All there was for about 3 years was an uninterrupted torrent of Osama kill videos/games. Now when the slightest bit of alternativeness gets in, Newgrounds has a left wing biase?

Anyway back to the movie and off my commie rant. It was slick. Nice style, nice sound. Took a while to ge to the punch lines. The best thing on newgrounds.

Nimbin Pilot 2 Nimbin Pilot 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Cool. Sort of.

Didn't blow me away. The story lacked. Wasn't really entertained at any particular moment. Production was good though. Animation was good. Characters pretty funky. Voices ok, good to hear an Autralian accent on this site, although some sounded a bit american. Interesting to see how people react. Keep it most definately. Develop characters.

The Jiggly Butt The Jiggly Butt

Rated 4 / 5 stars

If you wanna see stuff die watch something else.

This movie is short. This movie is about a woman talking about her ass. Ok, concept not highly appealing, but when you have people who scream with orgasmic delight over films that are purely stick figures dieing in a variety of ways you can hardly then turn around and say this is a thin premise.
You had concept about a girl obsesing about her weight. Now I know many a fucktard is going to say that's unoriginal and boring, but when has it been done before on newgrounds? When have you ever seen it in a flash before? It's a good concept. Maybe the two woman who still visit this site finally could finally have a story to relate to.
I thought the dialogue was funny. But it trailed towards the end. You chickened out. You knew that the hordes of moronic teenage boys who are on here would be confused and angered by something differant. Particularly something involving a woman not fucking something. So you had foamy pay out the concept.

Apolagising in advance for the backlash you knew was coming. Fuck em. Do more stories like this. I am, however, glad you had foamy react the way he did. If you had him get all supportive that would've sucked and been totally unfoamy.

10 for everything.
-2 for being chicken shit.
8 is still pretty good.

Your one of the very few series I watch everyone of on Newgrounds.

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The Ball and the trap The Ball and the trap

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I blammed it good

I blammed this game. And blammed it well. However I was strangley intreged (sp?) by the concept. I when it first started I thought I'd only play it once. I tried twice. You may have something here, but it will need to be much prettier have much better sound instead of the stab-self-in-face-to-make-it-stop tunes you had going. Ne way keep it up.